JFLAP 7.0 Tutorial


We provide basic tutorials on many of the concepts in JFLAP to help you get started.

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Please send typos in the tutorial or JFLAP bug reports to

jflap AT cs.duke.edu

If you wish to download all files used in this tutorial at once, feel free to utilize Tutorial_JFLAP_Files.zip.

For more information on JFLAP, please visit www.jflap.org.

Note: Sep. 3, 2009 JFLAP 7.0

We have updated some parts of the Tutorial for JFLAP 7.0, but still plan to do an overhaul of more pages.

Note on Undo / Redo in JFLAP 7.0 (Please Read)

The Undo / Redo tools in introduced in JFLAP 7.0 function like the other JFLAP tools, rather than like they do in most other editing programs. You have to click on the tool (or use the hotkey) to select it and then click again within the bounds of the canvas to use it.